Offers managed, designed, delivered — on the fly.

Personalization made easy

Want more from your email program? Let Vacoda do the heavy lifting. No matter the size of your team or email send, Vacoda maximizes the personalization capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to simplify and amplify your promotional offers.

Let Vacoda change how you send email

Managing elaborate segmentation and personalization has never been simpler. And that means less work for you to get the perfect message in front of the right eyes.


No more bottle-neck: any member of your team can create and manage assets.

Quick & Easy

Forget the spreadsheets. Schedule promotions and make edits in seconds.

Brand Compliant

Customized templates and a built-in approval process mean you’re always on target.

High-volume sends?

Manage segmentation easily.

Multiple messages, endless segmentation – it can get tricky quick. Vacoda paired with Salesforce Marking Cloud puts an end to the clutter, getting your promotions to the right people in just a few clicks.

Tame your sends today

Small team?

Become an efficiency powerhouse.

Vacoda lets even the smallest teams offer as many tailored offers as a large company – with none of the hassle.

Amplify your team’s efforts

Ready to streamline?

Get more done, faster.

Whether you manage one account or work at an agency and balance numerous clients, Vacoda lets you maximize your time and resources.

Offer more, work less

The technology that powers Vacoda

Vacoda’s tech stack integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you convenience and security.

Your information is stored in the cloud so you can access Vacoda anytime, anywhere.

Automatic sync with your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account means your customer information is always up-to-date.

Get peace of mind knowing
your data is secure.

Watch Vacoda in action

Got 30 seconds? Find out what Vacoda can do for you.

Management tailored to you

Every company's offer management requirements are unique - and that's why you should choose a Vacoda tier tailored to your needs.

Plan details Grow Connect Accelerate
Streamline your team's efforts Take your offer management to the next level The personalized solution for enterprises of any size
Unlimited users
Reporting & impression tracking
Banner impressions Up to 5 million Up to 15 million 15+ million
Active creative templates 2 Up to 10 Unlimited
Help availability By online ticket By phone Personal Account Manager

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